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What if you could see your transplant patient’s immune response?

Despite advances in transplantation care, infection remains the main cause of posttransplant mortality. Only QIAGEN can enable a more complete clinical picture to improve the odds for transplant recipients. We offer novel solutions based on QuantiFERON technology that enable physicians to see a patient’s immune responses, along with artus viral load assays to accurately detect patient infections.

QuantiFERON Monitor is the only assay available to assess an individual’s cell-mediated immune response through dual innate and adaptive immune system stimulation, providing qualitative analysis of cell-mediated immunity.

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QuantiFERON-CMV is a test to monitor a patient’s level of anti-CMV immunity. Loss of this immune function may be associated with the development of CMV disease. Testing with QuantiFERON-CMV and artus CMV PCR Kits can provide clinicians with greater confidence in managing high-risk CMV patients.

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Learn how physicians are able to see their transplant patients’ immune responses

Dr. Tiziana Lazzarotto and Dr. Luciano Potena use QIAGEN’s artus viral load assays to measure viral infection and QuantiFERON-CMV to measure transplant patients’ immune response to CMV infection at the University of Bologna.

“Our task is to prevent the progression of a viral infection towards active disease. So if we diagnose an infection and see only a poor immune response to it, we need to help the patient by either reducing the immunosuppressant or initiating an antiviral therapy.”

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